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​Our Manufacturers:

Action Machining

  • Filters, Unions and Manifold Fittings.

Dawn Industries

  • KwikCut, KwikRepair, Fittings and KwikTools

HIT Products / RainPro

  • Media Filters, Sprinklers, PVC Valves, Irrigation Controllers

VIT / Strongbox

  • Stainless Steel, Backflow and Metered Enclosures, Cinch Ties

Antelco Corporation

  • Low Volumne Drip Irrigation Products

Frost Bite Products

  • Backflow covers for protection and winterization.

NewLite Specialty Products

  • Q-Loc Wire Connector, Q-Strip Self Adjusting Wire Strippers, Q-Wrap drip repair tape, Low Voltage Hardscape Lighting & LED Retrofit Lamps

ASC Logo.png
ASC Engineered Solutions

​Formerly Smith Cooper International

  • Butterfly & Gate Valves, Bronze & Galvanized Fittings and Nipples

Harco Logo.png
HARCO Fittings (Ag Only)

  • PIP (Gasketed & Solvent)

  • Low Head PIP

  • Large Diameter Fittings

Southwire / Coleman Cable


  • Irrigation and Pump Cables

Zurn Wilkins

  • Backflow Preventors, Presssure Regulators, Control Valves

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