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Mission Statement:

Why Choose the JPH Group:

Our Mission is to build strong, long lasting relationships with our customers and manufacturers.


We aspire to be an integral part in helping our manufacturers and customers achieve their goals.

The JPH Group will continue a tradition of success and excellent customer service to all our customers and manufacturers.


Since 1980 the JPH Group has been built on the principle that building relationships builds business. Our customers benefit from our combination of over 30+ years of being in business, our hard work, integrity, reputations, and product knowledge.

Our Manufacturers benefit from our experience, relationships, and territory history allowing us to provide the best service to both our manufacturers and our customers.


The JPH Approach to Selling:

The market has changed and so has our approach to selling. Today we spend more time focused on contractors. Contractors have a range of options in today's market and the leeway to specify product project by project.

This approach works great for the distributor, we become a secondary sales force driving
customers in their direction.

Without forgetting our sales history, we still provide a full service to our manufacturers by
providing support and sales to distribution along with specification to Architects and Municipalities.


Our Manufacturers:

We have handpicked our manufacturers to provide a complementary product selection that
shows our commitment to quality and innovation. Our products cover many markets including
Irrigation, Agriculture, Pond and Lake, and Hydroponics.



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